Sunday, 15 April 2012

The space of time between this entry and the last, was a little longer than I'd hoped. But at least in that time I've accumulated plenty to post. I had visions of myself spending the Easter break relaxing, and taking time to do the things I'm usually to busy to enjoy leisurely. But naturally my plan went out the window with the many things i have to sort out in the next few weeks, (and my tendency to end up on tumblr or in front of the t.v watching Criminal Minds or something haha). Having said that, I have had some time to do some interesting things over the last month or so. One of the things on my agenda is doing a bit of decoration in my bedroom. It doesn't need much of a change, but i want to get a few little ornaments and do some light D.I.Y to breathe new life into it. In that sense spending time on the internet hasn't been a total waste, because there really are so many sources of inspiration on here. I've picked up a few clothing and cosmetic items on my travels recently, as well as some nice things for my room. I think i might wait to post about these, so i can include them all in one entry. Until then here are some photographs from the last month or so.