Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Day in Spring

Hia everyone, got a chance to take a good few photographs these past few sunny days so i thought i would share :D. It's been nice to have a more laid-back day, as I've been super busy with work recently (essays, art exam work etc).

 I also got a chance to take the outfit photographs i was hoping to, when i went out for a walk today.

This hat has been my best friend for the past few months since i bought it in H&M, and seeing as it wasn't much more than about £3-something, I'd say it was darn good value for money. This blouse is also a favourite of mine, i got it at Clothes Show in Birmingham back in November, which was probably one of the best places I've ever been for handmade/one-off/vintage shopping. The wedges are from new look ( s/s of last year), and although i did mention it in my last post, my floral top is from Topshop and my skirt is from Zara. I've really liked Zara's spring/summer clothing so far, this skirt is so light it hardly feels like you're wearing it. I hope i can find a few more pastel pieces to pair with it soon, something mint i hope..

 and now for a few more photographs from today..

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