Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Well it hasn’t been too long since my last post, but I’ve most certainly been busy with my camera. At last I’ve managed to wave a heartfelt goodbye to the rich, autumn/winter tones, and began immersing myself in pastel shades galore. Whether it’s in nature, clothes, food..  The little girl in me just can’t help falling for minty greens, and candyfloss pinks (I’m sure my leopard print clad counterpart would disapprove). At the moment there is just something interesting to me about faded, mild colours. Like life permanently captured on Polaroid film. At the moment I imagine myself wearing lace, chiffon and pearls. Sitting in a room full of flowers, reading a good old dog-eared book.  

 I love my mother's vintage cake stand, maybe I'll make some homemade goodies to decorate it someday. (if i ever get a spare five minutes).

                                              In other news. i did a bit of shopping recently.
                                                      Here's what i got.


        (Skirt: zara, Dress: miss selfridge Top:topshop Bag:topshop)

                                           I can't wait to see how these nail wraps turn out!
 As i was waiting to pay in topshop seen "Meadham Krichhoff" and that was it.. their tactic of placing random, cool things near the till obviously works.. well on magpies like me it does...
                                          I've never used them before so we shal see...

                  and last but not least, this pair of rings from H&M.



  1. Cute photos! I was contemplating buying those Meadham Kirchhoff nail wraps the other day. I'm not sure I can justify spending £7 on something that I could only wear once. It's such a shame that I can't wear things like that to school; otherwise I'm sure they'll be brilliant for summer! I love the adorable designs on them. Meadham Kirchhoff are by far my favourite designers! xxx

    1. Yeah i know what you mean, it was certainly a moment of weakness haha. I just hope they turn out okay x

  2. I want those nail wraps, they're so cute!